Since first broadcasting The Trove Show in mid 2023 Brett has quickly created a show that is now seen as one of the best sources of new Australian music. The Trove Show is now sought out by musicians from all around the country to not only feature their new music but is also now a place for artists to premiere new tracks before they are released to the world.

“When I started this journey, it quickly became clear that there’s not enough outlets for the amazing Australian music that is being made every week. The show is now 100% Australian music and has captured the attention of artists and fans from around the country”.

“The Trove Show gives you the tools to break out of commercial humdrum and create your own musical journey.

The Trove Show also features artists playing live in our region and the region’s most extensive Gig Guide, which is proudly sponsored by Bendigo Records.

“There’s a wealth of talent in Bendigo that has not been heard. The regions live music scene is growing, and bands are now seeing the region as a live destination, so we need to encourage that and help it develop.”

You can follow the show via Facebook or Instagram where there is plenty of information about Australian music and the issues impacting the sector.

You can also find each week’s playlists on Spotify by searching for The Trove Show or following the links on Instagram or Facebook.