The Fifteenth Annual General Meeting of Central Victorian Community Broadcasters Inc. T/As Phoenix FM is fast approaching. Members and invited guests are asked to make a note of the date in their calendar – 20 th November 2022 at 3.00pm as this year’s AGM is going to make up for the limited capacity we have had to celebrate over the last couple of years.

Nomination Forms for Executive positions will be forwarded to all members early in October (or earlier by request). With regards to the Non-executive roles which are appointed by the Committee of Management please send your Expression of interest in no later than 13th November 2022 to [email protected] and appointments will be announced on the day.

Positions are:

Programming Content Committee – Coordinator and members,

Production Committee, Outside Broadcast Coordinator, Members Coordinator, Training Coordinator, Music & Assistant Music Librarian, Community Service Announcement Coordinator

Once the formalities are over (won’t take long) and the new office bearers in place we are going to party!!! There will be food and entertainment and the most special part of it all is that we will be together to do so. To assist with catering please advise of your attendance in advance.

Arrangements are still being made for this event but it is to be a thankyou and acknowledgement for all the work our volunteers have done over the past couple of years through lockdowns, restrictions, illness and everything else!!!!! We survived and now we celebrate and look to the future