In my recent conversation on Sportsvox, Phoenix FM with Swinburne University Sport Innovation
Research Group PhD candidate Paul Bowell, we spoke about the impact of the Matilda’s women’s
football team during the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the record-breaking audiences experiencing
the fan culture of women’s football.

In my catch up with Paul Bowell, he spoke to the Swinburne University article titled: ‘Felt alienated
by the men’s game’: how the culture of women’s sport has driven record Matilda’s viewership’.

We spoke about the diverse group fan base and fans returning to the sports they love.
The Matildas, Australia’s women’s national soccer team, have gained significant attention and
support in recent years, especially during major events like the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Their
performances have not only showcased the talent and dedication of female soccer players but have
also drawn in large audiences, breaking records for women’s football viewership.

This surge in popularity highlights the growing interest in women’s sports and underscores the need for
continued investment and support for women’s football and other women’s sports.

Fan culture plays a crucial role in the success and sustainability of any sport.

The enthusiasm and dedication of fans can create a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, contributing to the growth of women’s football globally. It’s great to see that the Matildas and other women’s football teams are gaining the recognition and support they deserve.