Best New Radio Program – Music

World Music Safari – Sounds from Other Lands “Presented by Dawn Delaney

Dawn was unable to be at the Conference in person however she was watching the live stream at home when right before her eyes she saw and heard her program announced as the winner. She was overwhelmed but very very happy and proud as is everyone else at Phoenix FM

‘World Music Safari – Sounds From Other Lands’ is a weekly two hour radio program presented each Sunday from 11.00am. Dawn plays an eclectic mix of music from the global melting pot of cultures. You will hear everything from cheesy French vintage pop, sounds from across the African continent, Gypsy music, Colombian Sami Music, Mexican mariarchi, devotional music from Pakistan and India, calypso worldwide, reggae and all its derivations from mento, ska, rocksteady, dubstep and dancehall, Brazillian music, Finnish folk, music from the African Slave Route, Spice and Silk Routes, Middle Eastern music, music from the Caribbean, contemporary global folk/indie pop, world sould and RnB and anything else that takes Dawn’s fancy.

Dawn Delaney whilst being relatively new to community radio has a wealth of experience and knowledge behind her gained over many years travel as a photo-journalist abroad. This wealth of knowledge is extremely evident in her program and was certainly recognised by the CBAA. Dawn does all her own research and production.

Phoenix FM President, Samual Harrison was at the Awards dinner and proudly accepted the award on behalf of Phoenix FM and Dawn Delaney.

Phoenix FM also had one other finalist nomination in “Excellence in Indigenous Engagement” – that award was taken out by Noongar Radio, Perth.

Phoenix FM will be celebrating its tenth anniversary next January and has certainly put itself on the map in that time – this is our third National Award plus we have had several finalist nominations over the years in what is a competitive, elite field. Behind every presenter, there is a dedicated team that actually keeps Phoenix FM on air. Our equipment is state of the art and we stream worldwide