It was such an honour to be part of the Zinda Multicultural Festival, once again. 

We were broadcasting live on Saturday, 7th of October 2023.  It was a very successful event with new faces joining our outdoor broadcast (OB) for the first time. 

Phoenix FM is truly the Voice of Your Community by partaking in this amazing event, hosted by Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services. 

The colour, the atmosphere, the performances, and the different cultures were amazing and to be part of the spectacular event was an absolute honour. 

As you can see from the montages, we had new and old faces who attended. On the left-hand side of the first montage, we have Chris Mawson who attended his very first Zinda Multicultural OB, Cora with our very happy local MP – Lisa Chesters. Cora with one of the event organisers Pamela.  On the right-hand side, we have Max Primmer who has attended a few of these events. The OB would not been possible, without our one and only tech – Peter Williams. We would like to thank Pete for all his hard work and for making it possible to broadcast live. Finally, our Fluffy.  What a great job she did as her very first OB and team leader. 

In the second montage, you can see the colour of the costumes.  In the first photo on the left-hand side, Jasmine is seen with amazing gold colours and the detailing in Jasmine’s outfit is remarkable. Seeing the wonderful smiles from Cora, Diana and Pamela is fantastic to see. Finally, on the left-hand side, Katie and Cora look so happy to be part of the festival.  On the right-hand side, Cora, Sam and our fluffy are getting them organised for their interview with Sam. Cora and Miriam promoting the event. Lastly, Michelle, we interviewed about Bendigo Food Share and how they had helped with the 2023 Zinda Multicultural Festival. 

The blue sky, the weather and the low level of wind made the event and live broadcast successful. Seeing everyone’s happy smiles was amazing to see and you feel the energy through their happy smiles. 

Phoenix FM is looking forward to doing another live Broadcast for the 2024 Zinda Multicultural Festival. 

The broadcast was made possible with support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation.